The Able Case

July 05, 2017

Client: Able Lending

About Able Lending: Able Lending offers intelligent loans for small businesses that combine peer-to-peer lending with traditional banking. Borrowers can get their friends and family help invest to make the loans even more affordable.


What We Did:

In order to improve Able Lending’s search visibility the Search RPM team conducted:

Technical Optimization – Items behind the scenes were analyzed to find technical errors that negatively impacted SEO. The technical optimization efforts included ensuring the website’s robots.txt was accessible to Google and other search engines as well as conducting our complete 20-point Technical Optimization Inspection.

On-site Optimization – Everything that’s seen on the optimized pages was analyzed by our team to find ways to clarify the subject matter and make pages stand out when the search bots start crawling. On-site optimization included extensive keyword research and implementing new optimized content that conformed with the existing design.

Business Link Outreach – We used our expertise and industry connections to reach out to like-minded business blogs and publications to gain links for Able Lending. Links from related, high-authority websites helped to boost the non-branded organic traffic.

The Results:

Able Lending’s non-branded organic traffic increased 69.92% year-over-year.